1. Westward Ho!

From the recording 20-20 Vision

An original by pierre & Andrew.


Red eyes in the rear-view
Are really blue, just like mine
The message they’re sending me
Take time to unwind
I kill the ignition & slump down on the wheel
My body refusing to own how I feel

So far to go . .

On best advice, I can share with you
Life's a game, & not for the meek
And we, as players
Act out our routines, week by week
But this seedy city makes its own demands
Maybe a move is on the cards?

Westward Ho! So far to go . .

I'm not alone in this, it seems we all feel it
Yearning in vain for the right time to quit

Follow on, join the throng, & sing
At the top of your lungs
No time to waste, pack your case
Feel the heat of a thousand bright suns
Embrace it, Rejoice in it
Take to the road
You may never feel this good again
Westward Ho! So far to go . .